With the world changing at a dramatic rate due to human intervention, the time for regenerative thinking is now! By 2050 oceans are expected to be filled with more plastic than fish and excessive carbon continues to be pumped into the atmosphere. We are in need of an economic and cultural renaissance for major changes to begin to happen on a ground level. Many people feel hopeless as to how they can contribute to change in modern society, but they must realize that it begins on an individual and local level. So where and who are the people making these changes?

 GROWING BACK TO NATURE is a documentary series featuring the stories of individuals making economic, lifestyle, and cultural shifts in the direction to become more harmonious with the natural world. Season one will cover individuals that are pioneering a shift from extraction to stewardship, from citizen scientists to those practicing zero waste; these are the stories that need to be told in order to inspire a collective movement to GROW BACK TO NATURE.


Young and Inoculated will be the first of the ongoing series GROWING BACK TO NATURE. Featuring William Padilla Brown of New Cumberland, PA; father, entrepreneur, artist, and self-taught mycologist. All of the following episodes will feature individuals making economic and cultural impacts that will captivate the audience through engaging stories and visuals.