April 20, 2020


Hello and welcome to my new website!

For sometime now I have been planning on giving my website a facelift, well here is the new face! As you navigate through the website you will see tabs for series & countries. Under the series tab you will find a few photography series in progress, under the countries tab you will find a list of places I have traveled too, there I will periodically release galleries of each place. By clicking the film tab you will gain insight on my up coming documentary series GROWING BACK TO NATURE. There you will also have the option of contributing to the production of the series via donation if you would like to support the cause, trailer coming soon! The shop tab I will slowly begin to release prints as they become available for purchase, which in turn will contribute to the financial side of all that I do. Artist have to eat too!

Along with that I will be sharing articles, videos, news, and up coming projects through my blog FOLLOW THE LENS. Making weekly/biweekly post with detailed behind the scenes stories and images of all my adventures and more. I am very excited to begin sharing my journey with you! Thank you for visiting and see you soon!


– Anthony Basil Rodriguez

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  • Cameron April 20, 2020

    Love the new site! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Xavier W Talley April 21, 2020

    Your new website is amazing! I started watching your YouTube videos a few years back. You definitely have inspired me to work towards self reliance with Nature and follow my dreams. Thank you!

    • rodanthony46 April 21, 2020

      Hello Xavier
      I just want to start off by saying thank you for your donation, it is greatly appreciated! It is awesome to hear you been watching the videos for a while now, following the journey. keep that driver seat, and stay passionate! Peace & Love.

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