As I look at human beings I notice that we have more in common with one another than most would expect. As if we are living out similar stories being expressed through the faces of different cultures. What is culture? A way of life, behaviors, beliefs, values, symbols, a collective acceptance that is passed generationally through imitation & communication. Culture guides the way we think, speak, feel, hear, see, and how we experience nature and the world around us. It affects the way we treat each other and our Mother Earth. In culture I see beauty, color, class, movement, mannerisms, union, division, but most of all Humans. Through the medium of photography & film I want to capture all the magnificent things culture consists of, but at the same time strip away & transcend culture so that us Humans can see those similar stories that may be hidden by culture. For us to see ourselves as one planet, one people, one culture. One Love. –¬†Anthony Basil Rodriguez