Anthony Basil Rodriguez is a New York born independent photographer and filmmaker. Since childhood he has been oriented toward a range of visual worlds. As a teenager Anthony began to carry around an old film camera that his younger brother had lying around from a school project. Eventually taking his hobby more seriously, Anthony obtained a job pushing carts in order to buy his first digital camera. One day after a thunderstorm he was discovered by a local news station knee-deep in floodwaters collecting photos of the aftermath. He spent the following three years submerged in live television, editing daily newscasts. During this time, he honed and developed a true eye and skill for editing, videography and ultimately storytelling. Since leaving the news industry Anthony has continued to push his craft, interlacing realms of photography, video and film. This work continues to bring Anthony around the world in pursuit of research and documentation of rare plants, disparate peoples and the flux of global society.

Artist Statment

As I look at human beings I noticed that we have more in common with one another than most would expect. It’s like we are living out similar stories being expressed through the faces of a different cultures. What is culture?  A way of life, behaviors, beliefs, values, symbols, a collective acceptance that is passed generationally through imitation & communication.  Culture guides the way we think, speak, feel, hear, see, and how we experience nature and the world around us. It effects the way we treat each other and our Mother Planet Earth.  In culture I see beauty, color, class, movement, mannerisms, union, division, but most of all Humans. Through the medium of photography & film I want capture all the magnificent things culture consist of, but at the same time strip away & transcend culture so that us Humans can see those similar stories that may be hidden by culture. For us to see ourselves as one planet, one people, one culture. One Love. -Anthony Basil Rodriguez