Welcome To The Journey

Welcome To The Journey

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Hello and welcome! If you don’t know who I am, my name is Anthony Basil Rodriguez. I’m an independent, filmmaker, photographer, student of botany, and many other things. I have created this website for archival purposes and to share the stories of my world travels, photography series, film projects, and a body of work that goes back over a decade. If you have been following my work already thank you for continuing, for those who are new I hope this is the beginning of a new adventurous relationship. 

Banana World Tour

Conceptualized in 2015, this photo series encompasses a large body of botanical research, exploration, and art giving beautiful insight into a familiar but unknown world of Bananas. I have since then been studying the cultural, historical, and botanical significance of this beloved fruit. In 2019 I embarked on a World Banana Tour, where I started my ongoing photo series “Bananas of the World”. On this new website I will be sharing what this journey looks like through my blog “Banana World Tour”.

Children Of The World

My “Children of the World” series continues to be one of my favorite ongoing projects. It highlights the situational & culturally diverse worlds that children all over the world dwell in. The youth of the world are the future of the world.

Follow The Lens Blog

“Follow the Lens” is a blog of stories, videos, and images of what I’m currently working on. I will share sneak peaks of my process, from behind the scenes of film and photo projects to day to day life on my world travels.

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